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Grow a Trendy Garden

Weed Man Indianapolis, IN explores the latest gardening trends and gives you tips on how to give your flower and vegetable beds an update this summer season.  ... More

Spring Lawn Care Concerns

Leaf blight showcases similar conditions to chemical burn, but is actually caused by hot, humid weather conditions. Read here for how to spot and treat this undesirable turf disease on your home lawn.  Weed Man Lawn Care Indianapolis, IN answers all of your questions about grass, yard maintenance, and our services.

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Leaf Blight

Leaf blight is a turf disease caused by hot and humid weather conditions, but is often mistaken for chemical or fertilizer burn. Taking proper care of your lawn with the help of Weed Man Indianapolis, IN will ensure that your grass stays healthy all year long. ... More

Common Lawn Care Terms and What They Mean

Whether you’re new to lawn care or simply the average homeowner without an advanced degree in agronomy, odds are you’ve come across a few unfamiliar terms when it comes to the turf maintenance business. Because Weed Man Indianapolis, IN believes our customers should know exactly what is going on with their lawns at all times, we’ve created a list of common lawn care buzzwords and what they mean.  ... More

Mowing Short

Although mowing low may leave your grass looking nice and neat, it can, in fact, be quite damaging to your lawn. It is important to keep in mind that mowing is much more than an aesthetic exercise; it is a crucial cultural practice that plays a direct role in the health – or lack thereof – of your turf.  ... More

The Importance of Spring Aeration in Indianapolis, IN

Now that the warmer weather has arrived, you may get the urge to run outside and enjoy the feel of soft grass between your toes.  The only problem?  Your early-season lawn is not the barefoot wonderland you remember from summers past.  
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Diagnosing Turf Problems in Indianapolis, IN

Is your discolored, thin, patchy lawn getting you down?  Turf problems arise for a number of reasons, and can be alleviated with improved cultural practices and/or a comprehensive lawn care plan.  While some insect and disease complications are out of your control, you can help your lawn better withstand common stresses and become green, lush, and healthy with the help of Weed Man Indianapolis, IN.  ... More

Crabgrass Fact Sheet

Indianapolis, IN Crabgrass is an undesirable weed grass that can leave you with an unsightly IN lawn.  Read here for helpful tips from Weed Man Indianapolis, IN on how to spot the unwanted invader and how to stop it before it dominates your turf. 
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Reseeding Bare Patches on My Lawn

Have you noitced several bare patches on your lawn? Find out what to do from Weed Man Indianapolis, IN!... More

Yellow Patch Season

Every year between late fall and early spring, yellow patch strikes on many unsuspecting lawns across the nation.  If not kept in check, this unsightly disease will cause yellow or light brown patches to scatter across your formerly green lawn.  Before you throw your hands up in frustration, remember that Weed Man Indianapolis, IN is here to help keep your lawn looking its best!

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